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CNG storage vessels

The CNG storage vessels are used mainly for fixed CNG-stations. These vessels are most commonly united in one module that consists of three vessels (each with capacity of 1300 litres).

In case you need more, it is possible to be mounted more than 1 module.

The CNG vessels could supply gas methane distribution networks of populated areas, industrial and agricultural sites, where gas piping network has not been settled.

Item Gas ;
Industrial gases
Number of cylinders / lengthTotal water capacity (litres)Working pressure (bars)Pressured hydraulic test (bars)Weight of each cylinderTotal weight
PVSL 1300-ASMEH₂; CNG and industrial gases1/6.28 metres 1,3002483593,1204,130
PVSL 2600-ASMEH₂; CNG and industrial gases2/6.28 metres 2,6002483596,2408,240
PVSL 3900-ASMEH₂; CNG and industrial gases3/6.28 metres 3,9002483599,36011,660