CNG Cyllinders

D&D offers the CNG cylinders manufactured by NK CO Ltd Korea. Different model are divided into two main groups - CNG1 and CNG2.

Technical features of CNG1 and CNG2

Item Water capacity(litres) Външен диаметър O.D. Working pressure (bar) Wight Gas capacity at 15⁰C
CNG1-1019 20L 232mm 650mm 200Bar 26kg 5.05m³
CNG1-1020 28L 232mm 860mm 200Bar 34kg 7.07m³
CNG1-1010 60L 323.9mm 970mm 200Bar 68kg 15.0m³
CNG1-1021 57L 355.6mm 800mm 200Bar 70kg 14.6m³
CNG1-1012 60L 355.6mm 820mm 200Bar 72kg 15.0m³
CNG1-1047 90L 355.6mm 1,200mm 200Bar 94kg 22.7m³
CNG1-1025A 100L 406.4mm 1,000mm 200Bar 99kg 25.5m³
CNG2-029 64L 355.6mm 860mm 207Bar 54kg 16.1m³
CNG2-006 108L 327mm 1,800mm 207Bar 80kg 27.1m³